Muridale Shorthorns Heading

Muridale Buster 14K

Muridale Buster 14K

BW: 80 lbs
Weight: 2300 lbs.
Hip Height: 57 1/2 in.

     Lanalta Whiteout 1C X
Sire: Eionmor Ideal 69F X
     Eionmor Mohican Hazel 42B X

     Ramsholt Reward 30E X
Dam: Muridale Robin 57G X
     Muridale Dove 33C

Muridale Robin 57G
Muridale Robin 57G

His daughters are easy keeping with nice udders.  We have calved out heifers bred to him with no calving difficulties.  Tibial Hemimelia Free (THF).

CE: BW: WW: YW: Milk: TM: CEM:
8 0.3 62 82 14 45 12