Muridale Shorthorns Heading

Muridale Buster 2nd 76P

Muridale Buster 2nd 76P

     Eionmor Ideal 69F X
Sire: Muridale Buster 14K X
     Muridale Robin 57G X

     Glory-Jay McGamaliel 8G X
Dam: Muridale Trish 11L X
     Muridale Iris 38B X

Muridale Buster 2nd daughter
Muridale Buster 2nd daughter

Proven calving ease bull with a 70 lb. birth weight.  Semen available, Canada $25.00 per unit, USA $25 per unit / $10 per certificate.  Tested TH Free.  Semen is available in the USA at Cattle Visions

CE: BW: WW: YW: Milk: TM: CEM:
20 -4.3 39 41 20 40 15